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Uralkali at a glance

Uralkali is leading global producer of potash fertiliser with a market share of about 20%. The Company is vertically integrated and controls the whole production chain, from potash ore mining, through potassium chloride supply to consumers. Our key markets are Brazil, India, China, Southeast Asia, Russia, US, EU.

Uralkali’s production is located in the towns of Berezniki and Solikamsk, Perm region, at the Verkhnekamskoye potassium and magnesium salt field, the world’s second largest deposit in terms of ore reserves. Uralkali holds the development licences for the Ust-Yayvinsky and Polovodovsky blocks at the Verkhnekamskoye field, which contain ore reserves of 1.291 and 3.074 billion tonnes respectively. Uralkali also holds the development licences for the Romanovsky Block of the Verkhnekamskoye deposit with the estimated reserves of 385 million tonnes of sylvinite ore (according to Uralkali's estimates).

Uralkali’s shares and GDRs are traded on the MICEX-RTS and LSE.

Uralkali is a leading international potash producer with about 20% of the global potash production.

Enhance global responsible leadership position

  • We aspire to sustain a leading market position in the global fertiliser industry
  • We are focused on meeting the world’s growing demand for food. We seek to take advantage of our best-in-class resource base by selectively expanding production capacity

Focus on enhanced and more connected access to end customers

  • We ensure secure and de-risked route-to-market through enhanced distribution capability from mine to farmer

Maintain cash cost leadership positions

  • We seek to be the most cost-efficient potash producer

Balance investment in growth and shareholder return

  • We are committed to retaining a robust capital structure and maximising total shareholder return

Focus on people, communities and environmental safety

  • We aim to be the employer of choice among the CIS companies and mining industry. We are pursuing the highest level of health and safety practices to protect our employees
  • We take significant steps to minimise the environmental impact of our operations. We participate actively in the development of the cities and local communities in which we operate

Continued focus on corporate governance

  • We are guided by the principles of openness, transparency and risk minimisation for all stakeholders and are committed to continuous improvement in our corporate governance practices
(US$ mln) FY 2012 FY 20131 Change
Sales volume, mln tonnes 9.4 9.9 5%
- Domestic sales 2.1 1.9 -11%
- Export sales 7.3 8.0 10%
Revenue 3 950 3 323 -16%
Net Revenue2 3 343 2 665 -20%
EBITDA3 2 375 1 634 -31%
EBITDA margin4, % 71% 61%
Net Profit 1 597 666 -58%
CAPEX 426 465 9%
incl. Expansion 208 224 8%

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Uralkali produces two main products:
standard and granular muriate of potash (MOP).

Standard MOP can be white or pink:

  • White MOP is applied directly to the soil, for producing compound NPK fertilisers, and for other industrial needs. We supply this mainly to China, Russia and Europe. White MOP is produced in the following varieties: 95%, 98%.
  • Pink MOP is applied directly to the soil and we supply this primarily to India and Southeast Asia.

Granular MOP is a premium product bought mainly in countries using advanced soil fertilisation methods. Granulation slows down the absorption of fertiliser nutrients into soil, thus prolonging their action.

We export our granular principally to Brazil, the USA and China, where it is applied directly to the soil or blended with nitrogen and phosphate fertilisers. Granular MOP costs slightly more than other types of potash fertilisers.

The Company also produces:
carnallite, deicing salt, salt products for oil industry.

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Uralkali’s sales geography covers over 40 countries. The major markets are Brazil, India, China, Southeast Asia, Russia, USA, and Europe. The major consumers are countries with high growth rates both in population and income, which drive demand for potash fertiliser.

Sales map
Russia Europe USA Latin America China India Indonesia
Population Growth, 2013 est. -0.02% 0.21% 0.9% 1.2% 0.46% 1.28% 0.99%
Share of agriculture in GDP, 2012 3.9% 1.8% 1.1% 3% 10.% 17.4% 14.4%
Total potash consumption (1995-2020F) 3.3% -0.7% 0.3% 5.2% 4.6% 6.7% 2.9%
GDP growth, 2012 est. 3.4% -0.3% 2.02% 3.0% 7.80% 6.50% 6.2%
Main crop Wheat Cereals Corn Soyabeans Rice Sugar Cane Palm Oil

Source: CIA, World Bank

Historically exports account for the majority of the Company’s output. Its key markets are: Brazil, India, China, Southeast Asia, Russia, the US and Europe. Those are countries with high growth rates both in population and income, which drive demand for potash fertiliser.

Uralkali sells its products internationally through Uralkali-Trading S.A.

Uralkali has a number of strengths and opportunities:

  • Ensuring long-term price stability
  • Increasing the share of supplies in the fast-growing BRIC markets
  • Raising cost efficiency
  • Increasing the profitability of supplies due to geographical synergies.

Learn more about potash fertilizers influence on food security with Illustrated Interactive Potash Encyclopedia.

Export ships

The main customers of Uralkali’s products in the Russian market are agricultural producers, compound fertiliser producers and industrial consumers.

The terms of sales to all kinds of domestic consumers comply with the Recommendations for Nondiscriminatory Access to Purchasing Potash issued by the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) and valid from 1 January 2013 till 31 December 2017. Uralkali has been recommended to set the price for potassium chloride (KCl) for all consumers not exceeding the minimum export price.

FAS also set a transition period for agricultural producers from 1 January 2013 till 1 July 2013 and recommended to provide a 30% discount for this group of consumers during this period.

Agricultural crops

Scientific and outreach activities

As a leader in the production and sale of potash fertilisers, Uralkali is aware of its educational mission to inform a broad range of audiences about the properties of the Company’s product. The Company has developed special agronomic programmes that are carried out both in Russia and in other regions of the world.

In addition to dedicated programmes for agrochemistry specialists and farmers, Uralkali has also developed a set of initiatives for investors, analysts and journalists.

In October 2012 and April 2013, Uralkali organised two seminars for analysts and journalists with the participation of representatives from the International Plant nutrition Institute (IPNI) and International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA).

At the same time, the Company started to issue the quarterly newsletter “Key Element”, which includes a market review, analysis of the practices of potash application in different regions of the world, and news on Uralkali events for farmers.

At the beginning of 2013, Uralkali launched the Illustrated interactive potash encyclopedia (, website, containing information about how plants and humans use potassium, and about the production and application methods of potash.

Uralkali’s educational programmes cover topics such as the benefits of potash, the world potash market, advanced fertiliser techniques, and agronomics.
IFA is a global organisation, representing the global fertiliser industry on issues related to improvement of the operating environment of the member companies and the collection of industry information.
IPNI is a global organisation. The mission of IPNI is to develop and promote scientific information about the responsible management of plant nutrition for the benefit of the human family.
IPI is a non-profit organisation, which develops and promotes balanced fertilisation for the production of higher yields and more nutritious food. IPI works closely with researchers, government offices, extension and agribusiness.
RAPU is a Russian association, established by the major local fertiliser producers. With the aim of developing Russian fertiliser industry, the association coordinates and assists its members in business development and interaction with international and local fertiliser producers and consumers.

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Daria Fadeeva

Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs

Tel.: +7 (495) 730-23-71
Fax: +7 (495) 730-23-93


Uralkali-Trading SA

12, avenue des Morgines,
1213 Petit Lancy, Geneva, Switzerland
Telephone: + 41 22 879 10 60
Telefax: +41 22 879 10 61

Uralkali-Trading Gibraltar Ltd.

Suite 831 ab,
Europort, Gibraltar
Telephone: + 350 200 47 567
Telefax: +350 200 47 566

Uralkali-Trading Chicago, Inc.

2150, E. Lake Cook Road, suite 110,
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089,
Telephone:+1 847 541 57 47
Telefax: +1 847 541 59 13

UKT Beijing Liaison Office

2902, Office Tower 3, China Central Place,
No.77, Jian Guo Road,
Chaoyang District,
Beijing, 100025, China
Telephone: +86 10 8588 7886
Telefax: +86 10 8588 7715, +86 10 8588 7716

Uralkali-Trading Fertilizantes Panama SA

PH Brazil 405, Oficina 11 G
Via Brasil y Via Acueducto
Panama City, Panama
Telephone: +507 396 91 82 / 3
Telefax: +507 396 91 83

Uralkali Trading Fertilizantes Brasil Ltda.

Condominio Empresarial Bachianas,
Rua General Furtado do Nascimento,
740 - CJ 60, Alto de Pinheiros -
Sao Paulo - SP - Brasil, CEP: 05465-070
Telephone: +55 11 3729 2020


303 Eros Corporate Towers, Nehru
Place, New Delhi — 110019, India.
Telephone: +91 11 4130 6100
Telefax: +91 11 4160 8069.


20 Collyer Quay #17-03,
Singapore 049319
Telephone: +65 6224 0035
Telefax: +65 6224 3989


Sales Department

Andrey Blokhin
Telephone: +7 (495) 730 23 71

Alexander Babinsky

Head of Public Relations

Tel.: +7 (495) 730-23-71
Fax: +7 (495) 730-23-93

Filipp Gritskov

Head of Russian Media Relations Unit

Tel.: +7 (495) 730-23-71
Fax: +7 (495) 730-23-93

Olga Ilyina

Head of International Media Relations Unit

Tel.: +7 (495) 730-23-71
Fax: +7 (495) 730-23-93



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